Parenting Classes​ (Ten sessions over ten weeks) - One of the most common mistakes we can make as a parent is to think we know it all.  There is always something to learn and improve on.  Increase your knowledge and skills to be the best parent you can be!  Shaken Baby Syndrome and Co-Sleeping have been added to the curriculum.   Please call to register--space is limited.

Insurance Accepted

Understanding Victimization - What's My Part?​ - This is a new set of classes being offered for those who have victimized others through negative behaviors.  The goal is to help the offender begin to develop empathy toward others.  They will better understand their role in creating a victim and find motivation to change harmful behaviors.  Categories include:  Property Crimes (theft, vandalism, destruction), Robbery, Assault, Child Abuse and Neglect, Domestic Violence, and Homicide.


All Services are conducted via Telehealth!

Anti-Theft Group​ - This group  is designed to help the individual understand how others are affected by his/her behavior.  We work to identify why the individual participated in the behavior and how to manage impulses to steal.

Single Session Therapy​ - ​Don't have time or money to commit to long-term counseling? SST is designed for clients that have identified a specific problem they want to work on. It could be grief, relationships, career change, goal setting, financial problems and more. Session is 120 minutes. It helps you identify and practice solutions you can do now to get yourself unstuck. The idea that you could solve a problem right here, right now, today, can be empowering!


Individual Counseling Sessions (Adults/Adolescents) - Provided to persons struggling with life issues.   Improve life skills while working through life experiences that led to personal struggles.  You don't have to do it alone.

Self-Employment Coaching​ - Identifying a compelling vision for your ideas, products/services. Identifying major opportunities, challenges and difficulties related to your entrepreneurial pursuits. Assessing the transition from what doing now to what you want to be doing to generate income. Identifying potential lifestyle fit with having the kind of personal life you want.

Anger Management​ (1, 4 or 8 hour) - Identify triggers that cause you to become angry and understand why you react with unhealthy behaviors.  It's time to learn to manage your anger and prevent serious negative consequences.  Afterall, you are responsible for your actions.

Substance Abuse Evaluations (Adults/Adolescents) - An evaluation is used to determine the level of substance abuse services needed for a client, if any at all. Substance Abuse Evaluations are typically requested by employers, CPS, or Probation.  

Marijuana Intervention Class - This is a 2-4 hour class focusing on the negative impact marijuana can have on your mental, physical, and environmental well-being.

Bad Check Writing -  ​This 4-hour psychoeducational class uses a didactic approach to help identify the reasons an individual continues to write "bad" checks even after experiencing negative consequences.  Learn to manage your impulses and to better manage your money and avoid costly consequences in the future.

Mental Health Evaluation (Adults) - An evaluation is used to determine the potential presence of a mental health diagnosis.  Identify services needed for a client, if any at all and make appropriate referrals. Mental Health Evaluations are typically requested by employers, CPS, or Probation. 

Online  and Phone Counseling!

Life Skills Education (Adult) - Improve life skills through psychoeducational groups.  Improve in areas such as stress management, anger management, conflict resolution, communication, problem solving, boundaries and more. 

Private Pay FEES

Relapse Prevention Group- This group meets once per week for 1.5 hours.  It is designed for those that recently completed a higher level of care and those that have relapsed.   Group time is used for relapse prevention education and support.

Corrective Thinking Class - ​This 4-hour psychoeducational class is designed to recognize criminal or unhealthy thinking and learn how to change to healthier thoughts. Curriculum uses Cognitive Behavioral Techniques to initiate change.  Class is  completed in one day.  Class size is small so please call to pre-register.

Individual Counseling Sessions - $140/60 min session
                                                                        - $75/30 min session

-Call to schedule an appointment (Individual Session)

Mental Health Evaluation - $150

-Call to schedule an appointment (Individual Session)

Single Session Therapy - $190

-2 Hour session focusing on one specific topic

-Call to schedule appointment (Individual Session)

Understanding Victimization - $85

-Call to Schedule (Individual Session)

Bad Check Writing - $75

-Call to Schedule (Individual Session)

Corrective Thinking Class - $75

-Call for Schedule (Group Session)

Parenting Class   - $75

-Call for Schedule (Group Session)

Anger Management - $75

-Call for Schedule (Group Session)

SAE Substance Abuse Evaluations  - $75 

-Call to schedule (Individual Session)

Relapse Prevention   - $75 

-Call to Schedule (Individual Session)

Life Skills Education  - $75 

-Call to Schedule (Individual Session) 

Anti-Theft Education - $75

-Call to Schedule (Individual Session)

Self-Employment Coaching - Call for a personalized plan

Educational Services​ - Offered to employers, schools, community organizations, and church groups.  Price Varies. Includes topics such as DWI, life skills, anger management, and mental health in the workplace.